Example of the cure
The vitiligo Center of Shenxian, Shandong Prvince is a specialized institution of China, and over 4000 patients have been cured since it was established. Doctor wei examines every patient carefully, analyse every patient's condition personally and then give a classified treatment accordingly. Every patient's medical record will be kept in computer, so the doctor can look over every patient’s condition at any time or visit patients who have been cured and not had a relapse for many years. Doctor Wei uses pure traditional Chinese medicine for patients and has acquired good results. Through the survey to 100 patients, the effective rate reaches 100%, and the cure rate is over 92%, most patients’ condition can be controlled and then be cured


example one

Wang Baotong's wife whose hometown is in Dingshui Town,Yangu County,Shangdong province once had suffered from vitiligo for many years and spread very quickly. .Only after one and a half course of treatment by Dr. Wei, her condition was greatly improved and after 3 courses of treatment, she got over completely. The couple was very happy and broadcast songs on television to express their gratefulness to Doctor Wei.

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example two

Zhao peijing’s son whose hometown is in Handan city of Hubei Province has suffered from this illness for fourteen years.Almost two-thirds of the skin and hair has been turnde white, It made him very sad. Inorder to cure the sickness, the family went everywhere and spent a lot of money. But didn’t achieve any result. When he heard that there is a Doctor Wei who cures vitiligo professionally. He came to see Doctor Wei. After a carefully examination Doctor Wei suited the medicine to the illness. And then the wonder appeared only after two courses of treatment. Hair turned black again. He continued to take medicine for 3 courses. The skin got well too. The whole family was so excited that they gave a silk banner to Doctor Wei.

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