EVENT:Wang Baotong's wife whose hometown is in Dingshui Town,Yangu County,Shangdong province once had suffered from vitiligo for many years and spread very quickly. .Only after one and a half course of treatment by Dr. Wei, her condition was greatly improved and after 3 courses of treatment, she got over completely. The couple was very happy and broadcast songs on television to express their gratefulness to Doctor Wei.

DOCTOR SAYS:I am so happy to see the patients can get back the health,I have got many awards,but which can satisfied me is to see the patients get healths,I hope every vitiligo patients can get back health,because the desease can be killed!

A patient's letter

Dear Doctor Wei:
I am one of you vitiligo patient who have got health through your curing.Now I send a letter and give you one set of flag to thank you for giving me the second life;When I every time think of you I feel you are the best kinsman of mine.I am afraid to think the past days,but to be a vitiligo patient for 8 years,I suffered lots of suffering in the past 8 years.I have wanted to died,but I thinked my kinsman and throw off the idea of dying.I have the old father and mother,I must keep on living for them,so I must get back health.I spent lots of money to cure the sick and borrow part of money from my kinsman,but it was doing nothing good to my health;With the aggrvation I come to lost confidence.Vitiligo provagated half of my body,Whatever winter or summer,I can only wear the cloth and trousers of pent-up.Especialy there had masses of vitiligo on the face,I feel it was better to die than to live.

I have a chance to find you in the internet and knew your crue way need scrarpe outside,when I was sure you can kill my sick I compare some vitiligo sites with yours.When I came to your hospital I saw the flag on the wall and your smile in the face.You have high cure technique and I feeled so satisfied with your cure.I think I would be health because meeting you.With your cure I would resume the health,I have nothing to give you so I give you one set of flag to express my apprication.

your patient:Xie,zhengxin

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